Thursday, January 31, 2013

New developments on stem cell therapy

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From NUIDEASHARE  | January 31, 2013

Much has been heard about stem cells therapy:  for rejuvenation, cosmetic purposes, for heart and many more.  However DOH has given warning about the dangers of stem cells therapy.  Yet there is continued interest in stem cells therapy as the treatment of last resort.

Yesterday, I conversed with an MD of newlifesurgery  on the said topic and this is he told me about the stem cells treatment development

Monday, January 28, 2013

Nutrition tips from Stumble Upon

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These are interesting links to Stumble Upon:

   Stumble Upon Nutrition articles

   Stumble Upon Nutrition videos


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Drs John Beard, Kelly and Nicholas Gonzalez cancer theory makes sense

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In US some l million people get cancer every year;  and half them will die.  They will spend approximately $50,000 a year on their cures and that translates into $50 billion a year.  That is huge money and business <from a You Tube feature>

I may have done research on cures for less than a year yet;  even more so on cancer. There are various theories:   molecular, the enzymatic/embryonic theory, the 100 complicated disease theory, the pollution and parasite theory by Hulda Clark, the nutrition theory by Gershon. Many adhere to the 3 regimen to cure the symptoms rather than find the cure:    radiation, chemo therapy and surgery.

However, the theory that makes most sense and most coherent to me is the Beard - Kelly - Gonzalez trophoblast theory-nutrition therapy.   With high percentage cure < cure rate is above the 6% national averagew for the 3 mainstream cure in USA), with documented cures and even studied by a Magna Cum Laude Dr. Gonzalez who worked with Sloan Kettering - the best hospital in Eastern Seaboard, this could be the best protocol so far.

Many of what we hear on cancer comes from this line of thinking:

l.  All of us have incipient cancer and its our body constitution that keeps these sleeping monster at bay;

2.  Detox and nutrition can keep the body strong and speed up the healing process;

3.  Emotional and spiritual health helps;

4.  Eat fruits and vegetables raw;

5.  Avoid eating protein because they tire the body's organ that produce enzymes;

6.  Coffee enema to remove toxins form liver and pancreas

Stanislaw Burzinski's anti neoplaston from urine has been branded as quackery.  There are posts that tell of his clinic demanding so much money and there is high mortality rate.  He is being dismissed as quack and may be for right reasons.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2 ____ a Day Keeps the Weight Away

Is it your favorite cold or hot coffee drink?

The answer is Oolong tea.  Do you know what is it.  It is a type of green tea. They come
from the same plant:  Camella sinensis however, green tea is more oxidized. and its taste is
between black and green tea.

Additional information on oolong tea

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Buck Rizvi <>
Date: Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 6:09 PM
Subject: 2 ____ a Day Keeps the Weight Away


The winter months are a time of revelry and celebration with
plenty of eating and drinking warm concoctions to stay toasty
when the cold winds and snow blow all around you. I have a
friend, let's call her Karen, who always (and easily)
attributes her New Years "presents" of newly rounded hips, a
squishy tummy and overall weight gain to sit down, gorge
yourself holiday meal after meal
. This year, Karen wanted to
give herself a different type of New Years present rather
than the hips and tummy, she wanted to be lean and ready
to conquer 2013.

So, before Thanksgiving, Karen decided she would journal
about what she ate and drank over the holidays. She committed
she would choose to eat more reasonable portions, increase
the amount of greens, vegetables she ate and would reduce
simple carbohydrates and sugars. Essentially, Karen ate
less pie, more green beans and less mashed potatoes.

So, you would think she lost or at least maintained her
pre-thanksgiving weight, right?!

WRONG! She STILL gained weight!!

Karen was confused, frustrated, angry and felt defeated.
She had been so conscious of what she ate, that she was in
disbelief on New Year's Day when her final weigh in revealed
her holiday weight gain.

We looked back on her food journal to assess where the
weight gain came from. I mean, come on, she ate well (during
the holidays even
) and STILL gained weight? It didn't make
sense to either of us but we began to notice, slowly,
something seemingly innocent that might have lead to her
weight gain.

Drinks! Karen would have been out shopping and would stop
at the fancy coffee shop for a specialty
peppermint/pumpkin/winter/whatever sweet latte. Or at a
holiday party and she'd forgotten exactly how many hot toddies
she had drank. Or she drank a few of those holiday thick,
shaky drinks you only have one time a year. But, there they
were- staring at us in black and white on the pages of her journal.

They seemed to be, not so secretly, smiling at her, acknowledging
they were the reason she'd put on weight.

Simply put, Karen hadn't taken into consideration how many
additional calories she consumed with each of those drinks.

Here are some of the drinks we found in Karen's Journal
(These specific drinks themselves might be the wintery
seasonal type…but that just means there is a new seasonal
flavor around the corner, filled with calories, sugar and
weight gain.)

It is NO surprise, after looking up the calorie values of
these drinks, why Karen didn't lose weight this holiday season.
380 calories for a spiced latte?! That's almost an entire meal!
Whether Karen drank these because she was craving something
warm, she wanted an energy boost or just because it was a
habit, there are much healthier options that can achieve
all of these and more.

One great alternative is tea.

Now, I imagine if Karen had ONLY substituted delicious,
warm, soothing cup of tea for any or all of these drinks.
A specific type of tea that aids in not only in weight loss
but can give you more energy and improve your overall health.
That's what studies have shown, 2 cups of tea can help you
lose weight, increase energy levels and improve overall

But, not just any tea, specifically, Oolong Chinese tea
that's been used for centuries for weight loss.

So, I'm guessing you have figured out what the blank is in,
" 2___ a day keeps the weight away?"

It's Cups of Oolong Chinese Tea.

Here's a bit more science from the U.S. Department of

William Rumpler, who's a physiologist for the U.S. Department
of Agriculture, completed a brief 3 day study on how much
energy people expend who drank 4 cups of Oolong tea (greater
amount than most studies suggest is necessary) versus people
who drank 4 cups of water. He and his team found that people
who drank Oolong tea not only spent 3% greater energy,
burned 67 more calories a day but also, the tea drinkers
also had a 12 percent higher fat decomposition rate than
the water drinkers, a finding that led the researchers to
believe that caffeine was not the only reason for a rise
in their metabolic rates.

Am I suggesting that you should stop drinking coffee or
specialty drinks? No, it's ok to treat yourself every once
in a while. Drinking these types of drinks, however, can
often times prevent you from achieving your weight loss
goals like it did for my friend, Karen. By making small
adjustments, you can actually be burning off calories just
by sipping some delicious Centuries tested Oolong tea rather
than adding to your waistline and weight.

Order now and get Free Shipping on all domestic orders placed
now through January 25 th!

Click Here to Get Free Shipping<<-

Here's to YOUR Health,
Buck Rizvi-Founder-Ultimate Lifespan

Buck Rizvi
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U.S. Department of Agriculture: Brewing Up the Latest Tea Research

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Eating avocado can lessen cholesterol and fight cancer

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From Dr. Mercola   January l7, 2013

There are two main benefits of eating avocado a real superfood:   reducing cholesterol level and fighting cancer. It contains monosaturated fats that is easily digested.  It can reduce cholesterol in as little as one week and helps prevent liver damage

It contains 11 carotenoids, is not affected by pesticides because of its thick skins, and is rich in

1.  potassium  - increased potassium/sodium balance

2.  Vitamin E

3.  Folic acid

4. B  vitamins

5.  Fiber (for colon cleansing)

Avocados are cheap in PHL.  We should eat more avocados.

Many health benefits of avocado

WARNING: Yellow packet sweetener contains CHLORINE (same as in your swimming pool)

What is this?  Sucralse.  Splenda.  Same chemical composition as DDT. (Is DDT toxic?)

Its known side effect is interfering with the good bacteria in the gut.  An imbalance of bacteria in the gut can cause a host of health problems.

The good news is that this can be treated with probiotics.  We have plenty:   balaw balaw, atsara, Kimchi

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Josh and Joel - BioTrust Nutrition <>
Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 2:01 AM
Subject: WARNING: Yellow packet sweetener contains CHLORINE (same as in your swimming pool)

Splenda, also known as sucralose, is an artificial, chemical sweetener.

Despite advertisements stating "Made from Sugar, so it Tastes like Sugar", which attempt to confuse consumers, Splenda is not natural and contains no elements of natural sugar.

The name sucralose, very similar to the natural sugar sucrose, is also extremely confusing to consumers...just one more way "big pharma" tries to pull the wool over your eyes into thinking this chemical sweetener is safe.

Fact is, there have been no long term studies done on surcralose and Splenda and there is no telling what devastating side effects could be in store for those who continue to put this unnatural chemical in their bodies daily.

You may also be surprised to learn that Splenda contains chlorine. Yes, the same chlorine that goes in swimming pools. And here's the worst side effect:

Just like chlorine kills off micro-organisms in swimming pools, Splenda and sucralose kill off healthy bacteria that lives in your gut -- healthy bacteria that is vitally important to virtually every aspect of your health.

Recently, a study at the University of Duke confirmed this very finding. Not only is sucralose a heavily-processed, chemical artificial sweetener, but it's also damaging to your gut health, which goes on to affect every other aspect of your health.

Here's a direct quote from that study:

"Splenda suppresses beneficial bacteria and directly affects the expression of the transporter P-gp and cytochrome P-450 isozymes that are known to interfere with the bioavailability of nutrients. Furthermore, these effects occur at Splenda doses that contain sucralose levels that are approved by the FDA for use in the food supply."

Did you know that over 80% of your immune system finds it's home in your gut? In fact, there are more than 100 TRILLION living bacteria in your gut that control many aspects of your health, and due to things like the ingestion of artificial sweeteners like Splenda, most folks have created a massive bacterial imbalance in their body.

But, it doesn't just stop with the use of Splenda or other artificial sweeteners. Here are some other common items that are contributing to the bacterial imbalances that BILLIONS of folks are silently suffering from all around the world:

*Diet beverages and food items (remember, sucralose is added to MANY foods, beverages, and supplements as a sweetener beyond just those little yellow packets that you may use in your coffee)
*Alcohol consumption
*Processed, packaged foods
*Certain brands of mouth wash, chewing gum, dishwasher detergent, and toothpaste
*Non-organic fruits and vegetables
*Non-organic meats
*Non-organic dairy products

If you are in contact with any of these items, it could be contributing to a serious imbalance in your gut bacteria and an overall decline in your health.

What's more, if you suffer from irregular bowel movements, constipation, gas, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, skin problems, overall sickness, bad breath, fatigue, urinary tract infections, sugar cravings, and/or an inability to lose weight, these symptoms are a near telltale sign that your gut bacteria is ALREADY severely imbalanced and has literally become a ticking time bomb.

But even worse, here are some of the more serious consequences that can result from gut imbalances left unaddressed:

*Severe irritable bowel syndrome and extreme daily discomfort
*Serious skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis
*A constant battle with ongoing fatigue and low energy levels
*A life full of chronic sickness and pain due to a declining immune system
*Cirrhosis and cancer of the liver
*Metabolic syndrome

Fortunately, you can correct imbalances in bad bacteria by supplementing with "good" bacteria known as probiotics. In fact, research is now suggesting that supplementing with a quality probiotic supplement every single day just may be even more important for your health and longevity than taking a daily multivitamin...the problem is finding a quality product that overcomes the pitfalls of most probiotic supplements.

You may not know this, but more than 93% of the probiotics found in traditional probiotic products will be dead by the time they reach your gut (the "final destination" that they must reach alive and well in order to provide you with their beneficial properties).

Because probiotics are living organisms, they are also very fragile and sensitive to light, heat, and the extremely acidic environment of your stomach, leaving you with very little live probiotics to benefit from once they reach their home in your intestinal track.

To combat this massive problem, at BioTrust nutrition we developed an extremely unique micro-encapsulated probiotic product called Pro-X10 that protects each probiotic cell through a wide range of environments to ensure that you get what you pay for - live, active probiotic cells that can make all the difference in your health.

But, it gets even better. Also included is Actazin, an extract of the New Zealand Kiwifruit and one of the most powerful probiotic support nutrients of all time. Actazin supports the natural growth of "good" bacteria in your gut, helps keep your bowel movements regular, and assists in maintaining long-term digestive health including the restoration of damaged intestinal lining.

Beyond that, we've included a number of unique probiotic strains in Pro-X10 that provide additional benefits like oral health, constipation relief, and immune defense, easily making Pro-X10 the #1 probiotic on the market.

And even better, when you decide to invest in Pro-X10 today, we're going to give you a special "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" deal along with a free copy of the ultra-successful 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet.

Just be sure to grabs yours today:

==> Buy 2, Get 1 FREE + a free copy of The 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet

We truly believe that supplementing with probiotics is one of the most important things that anyone can do for their health. The benefits are many, and they couldn't be easier to use.

Learn more about how micro-encapsulated Pro-X10 can help you at the below link, and get our Buy 2, Get 1 FREE special and a free copy of the 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet when you order today:

==> Buy 2, Get 1 FREE + a free copy of The 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet

To your health,

Josh & Joel
Co-Founders, BioTrust Nutrition

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Watch Out for Store-Bought Olive Oil

Not all olive oil can be beneficial.  Some supposed virgin olive oil are fake (50% or more).  But the post pitch says you can buy 100% genuine VOO.   Now some say, avoid buying online, because it could be fraudulent too.  Which one is correct?

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Subject: Watch Out for Store-Bought Olive Oil

Watch Out for Store-Bought Olive Oil

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Please find below a special message from our friends at
Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil. They have some important information to share with you.


Michael Cutler, M.D.
Editor, Easy Health Options®

EXPOSED: 69% of Olive Oils Found to Be Tainted ... 2 Tips on How to Buy Purest, Healthiest, Most Flavorful Olive Oils

Dj.Joe Frazier
Dr. Joe W. Frazer III, MD
Consumer Alert: Independent tests at the University of California, Davis, have discovered that 69% of all imported extra virgin olive oils tested are fake!

What's worse, this revelation comes on the heels of widespread media reports of rampant fraud in the sale of extra virgin olive oil. As revealed in The New York Times, "50 percent of the olive oil sold in America is, to some degree, fraudulent." This includes many well-known and expensive brands. "American grocery stores are awash in cheap, fake 'extra virgins,'" reports The Wall Street Journal. CBS News adds: "Consumers who think they're buying one of the healthiest foods on the planet often get something very different."

The good news —there are a few olive oils independently certified to be 100% pure extra virgin (the highest quality). By special arrangement, as a reader of Easy Health Options, you are entitled to receive a free full-size sample bottle of one of these 100%-pure, healthiest, and most flavorful extra virgin oils. Only 240 free sample bottles to give away, so if you'd like one...

Click here to discover the full extent of the olive oil scandal ... an MD's "consumer guide" to the world's purest, freshest, healthiest olive oils ... two tips on how to buy safe and pure olive oil no matter where you shop … an olive oil expert's tip about the "code" on the bottle that should tell you how fresh the oil is (beware: it's NOT the "expiration" or "best used by" date!) … how to store your oil so it doesn't grow stale or rancid … plus how to receive a free sample bottle from one of the good guys.

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Dr. Joe W. Frazer III, MD

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Coffee enema for detox video

Live healthy and long

Dr. William Kelly recommended this in his cancer cure regimen. His cure rate was 97 to 100% and maybe this thing works.

Video on 10 Detox tips

Live healthy and long

Dr William Kelly advises detox regimen to avoid cancer.  Here is one detailed advice on detox from you tube.

More video on colon cleansing for good health

Live healthy and long

Based on diet and probiotics that restore normal balance of good and bad bacteria in you guts.  Junk food and pollutants cause congestion in the intestine.  Hence the need to detox the colon the natural way:

Fruit and vegetable diet, fasting can be used for cleansing and detox of the guts.

Fecal matters from chronic constipation video

Live healthy and long

Do not watch this before a meal;   you will lose your appetite.  But not taking care of your diet can make you very sick;   detoxify, do colon cleansing

Small bowel obstruction video

Live healthy and long

One  of the effects of improper diet and eating is obstruction of  small bowels  and could be life threatening.  It can cause distention of abdomen which can cause difficulty of breathing, infection, jaundice, and perforation of the guts.

Here is a video from You Tube.

Summary of Food as Medicine

Live healthy and long

From Profjorgeentrep@Ateneo January 17, 2013

A post has been made summarizing some of important food as medicine in an enterprise blog.

The entrepreneurial and creative activity was centered on food.  Food is not just about nutrition.  It also concerns medicine.

Let the food be our medicine and medicine be our food - Hippocrates

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Switching on a Certain Enzyme Can Help You Live Longer and Healthier

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From: Underground Health Reporter <>
Date: Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Subject: How Switching on a Certain Enzyme Can Help You Live Longer and Healthier

Brought to you by Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, LLC
How Switching on a Certain Enzyme Can Help You Live Longer and Healthier

In This Issue:

*Did You Know...?
*Featured Article: How Some People Live to the Age of 100, 122, or Even 150 Years Old
*A Word from Our Sponsor:
Breakthrough Natural Remedies Stop Acid Reflux In Its Tracks

Did You Know... could be slowly poisoning yourself while you sleep?

     To be well rested, you should spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping.  However, once you know what's inside your mattress, you may find that hard to do.  In order to comply with nationwide fire safety standards—developed from an earlier California law (which I'll explain further in a moment)—manufacturers coat their mattresses in flame-retardant chemicals known to cause cancer and nervous system disorders.

     Top companies such as Simmons, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic refuse to divulge the exact composition of the chemical blend they use, as they claim the formulas are trade secrets.  So Walter Bader, owner of the "green mattress" company Lifekind and author of Toxic Bedrooms, took matters into his own hands.

     Bader sent several different types of mattresses to an Atlanta-based lab to be tested.  The results showed that a single memory-foam mattress emitted 61 chemicals, including benzene and naphthalene, known carcinogens.

No Level of Exposure is Safe

A risk assessment conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that each night, the average adult absorbs .802 mg of antimony and .081 of boric acidboth are acutely toxic.  The CPSC itself acknowledges that the carcinogenic effect of antimony is cumulative: "Every exposure contributes to the overall lifetime risk of developing cancer."

     According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there is no level of exposure to antimony that is safe: "At the lowest exposure levels tested, the adversity of the effects was considered to be serious."

     Boric acid is also a popular roach killer.  Its known effects on humans include:

  • Reduced sexual activity
  • Infertility
  • Birth defects
  • Sterility
  • Death

Fireproof, and "Toxic to Humans"

Whitney Davis, who wrote the original California law, is now having serious second thoughts about the fire safety guidelines he initially championed.  "The problem: the only chemicals they can use to achieve compliance are listed as toxic to humans by the EPA, "he said.  "You don't know until 10 years down the road [that] there's a problem.  We feel responsible."

     Mattress industry insiders say they expect backlash as consumers begin to investigate "what's really lying under their sheets with them."  That backlash may arrive soon: workers are now coming forward with stories about how simply handling the chemically laden mattresses has made them sick.

How to Sleep Chemical Free

While the fire safety laws are well intentioned, the odds of someone dying in a mattress fire are close to 1 in a million.  The risk posed by nightly exposure to toxins is far more pressing.

     Until existing fire safety laws are amended, experts say your best option is to shop around and find a toxin-free mattress.  There are many options out there—from latex to wool.  It's even possible for a doctor or a chiropractor to prescribe a toxin-free bed.  As an added bonus, prescription mattresses are tax deductible!

= = = = = = = = = = =

Featured Article:
How Some People Live to the Age of
100, 122, or Even 150 Years Old

Advancements in medicine and technology have allowed us to stretch the limits of our maximum life span, and some scientists now believe it is possible to lengthen that span to 150 years and beyond.

     How would you like to live to the age of 100 ... or 122 ... or even 150 years?

     There is one major thing that limits the average human lifespan to 79 years old—and that is an enzyme discovered by a Nobel Prize winning scientist.  This enzyme acts as a buffer against aging and regenerates lost youth by acting as your immortality switch—and lack of it causes just the opposite.

     Now, there are many ways to turn on that switch in order to increase your probability of reaching the century mark—and you can learn them for f*r*e*e when you read further.

How Do We Age?

Cells are the building blocks of life, and our bodies are filled with trillions of them.  In each of these cells lies a nucleus and inside the nucleus are chromosomes, which contain our genes.  Every chromosome has two arms, each made up of a single molecule of DNA.  A DNA molecule starts life 100 million bases long, and at its tip are end caps called telomeres.

     Our DNA strands are about 15,000 bases long when we are in the womb.  As soon as we are born, however, our cells begin to divide in order to get nutrients into, and waste products out of, the nucleus.  Every time a cell splits, the telomeres become shorter.  Once your telomeres are made up of only 5000 bases, you die, if not from disease, then from old age itself.

Telomeres: The Key to Longevity

Over 1,000 studies have linked shortened telomeres to aging and disease.  Shorter telomeres have also been linked to health problems such as:

    Cancer, particularly of the bladder, mouth, breast and colon
    Weakened immune system and a greater susceptibility to infections
    Neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
    Type 2 Diabetes
    Atrophy of the spleen, intestines and testicles
    DNA damage

In 1984 biochemist and biophysicist Elizabeth Blackburn discovered that the enzyme telomerase can actually lengthen telomeres.  In 2009 Blackburn, along with Carol Greider and Jack Szostack, was awarded the Nobel prize for revealing that chromosomes are protected by telomeres and telomerase.

     Telomerase protects your cells and your health by slamming the brakes on telomere shortening and activating the switch that lengthens and rebuilds them.  Numerous animal studies have shown that chronic health conditions can be reversed by switching on this enzyme.

Lifestyle Choices for an Ageless Body and Mind

Dr. Al Sears M.D., the first physician in America licensed to administer the supplement based on telomere-therapy, has compiled a comprehensive handbook that presents lifestyle choices that help lengthen your telomeres and increase your longevity.  In this f*r*e*e guide, Dr. Sears reveals:

  • the key nutrients to activate telomerase (and the best way to get them);
  • a quick and easy technique that helps slow down your thoughts and sharpen your focus, thereby contributing to anti-aging;
  • a very simple (but effective!) anti-aging workout that caused the subjects in a telomere study involving twins to be a decade younger than those of their inactive siblings.

      Due to overwhelming response, Dr. Al Sears has extended his offering of this handbook titled The Fountain of Youth Breakthrough.  This free guide offers easy-to-understand solutions to turn on the telomerase switch in your cells and live a disease-free life well into your century mark.

      Click here now and learn about a landmark Harvard study involving test mice with all the signs of old age (smaller brains, failing eyesight, low libido, gray hair, poor memory and cognitive skills), who experienced tremendous age reversal.  They had significant brain regeneration—and their gray hair, poor eyesight and all signs of aging disappeared when the immortality switch was turned on.  Find out how this age-reversing switch can be turned on in you, too, by going here.

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= = = = = = = = = = =
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Breakthrough Natural Remedies Stop
Acid Reflux In Its Tracks

      Acid reflux disease can be a horror to live with.

     The pain in your chest, burping up that bitter tasting bile, and the souring discomfort that keeps you up at night...

     And the drugs out there (over the counter or prescribed) can be far worse for you than the disease itself.

     Because they serve to inhibit acid production—removing the digestive juices you need—the food you eat doesn't digest properly, if at all.

     It simply sits in your gut and rots.

     This opens you up to other diseases such as the fatal C-Diff (Clostridium difficile—look it up...kills 14,000 people a year) and a myriad of other bacterial infections.

     So where do you go when the "cure" is worse than the disease?

If you've ever hoped for a better solution to the pain of Acid Reflux—this is it...

In recent studies, new all-natural remedies for heartburn and acid reflux have proven effective and best of all—completely safe.

     That's because these remedies come from Mother Nature—and God's own private pharmacy—not some lab that produces chemical concoctions your body was never meant to have.

     Today brings a very unique opportunity to you.

     Because you can have a complete collection of these remedies proven to work.

     They've been used by real people just like you—not "lab rats and mice" that have very different genetic codes than we do (how can you translate a drug's effectiveness to us when mice and rats are much simpler by design?).

     All you have to do to get this vital information into your hands right now—and finally get rid of that horrible burning once and for all—is feast your eyes on this completely FREE presentation.

     In it, you'll find the latest scoop on the very best all—natural secrets to safely snuff the burn of acid reflux, GERD, and heartburn.

     This collection of secrets is not available anywhere else.

     Yet—as you'll soon discover—it IS available in your local grocery and health food stores.

     Best of all—these remedies are also cheap.

     So do yourself right—stop popping dangerous drugs that only a mouse could love and get back to mother nature—she always has your best interest at heart.

---->Get rid of acid reflux, GERD, and heartburn here<----

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Men are under attack! (It's true) - become capons

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Joe Barton <>
Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 6:01 PM
Subject: Men are under attack! (It's true)

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Joe Barton - Barton Publishing Inc
Men are FINALLY waking up to the full blown assault on our manhood!

In the shocking movie, "The Disappearing Male", Dr. Herbert Needleman summed it up well with:

"We are conducting a vast toxicological experiment in which [us'] our children and our children's children are the experimental subjects."

Specifically, the last few decades have seen steady and dramatic increases in the incidence of boys and young men suffering from, genital deformities, low sperm count, sperm abnormalities and testicular cancer.

In addition, a recent report revealed that each generation of men is producing less and less testosterone at the same age, resulting in a literal "feminization" of the male race, resulting in..

  *  Decreased sexdrive  
  *  Reduced "performance" in the bedroom  
  *  More "ladyfat" in the belly & chest (i.e. "manboobs")  
  *  And a host of other health problems

You can see a summary of this report here:

The bottom line is this...

     Losing testosterone at this rate is NOT natural!

But all is not lost (yet).

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Watch out for our drinking water supplies

Live healthy and long

From Dr. Mercola January 15, 2013

US drinking water supply from wells that 800 feet or shallower are very likely to be polluted.  Pollution can come from many sources:    nitrogen based fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides.  Drinking water must be regularly monitored for pollution.  Other sources are fracking which can cause hydrocarbons to leak into aquifer.

What is disturbing is loss of water supply.  Abundant use of irrigation in Central US drawn from Ogallala aquifer has caused its rapid depletion in just 15 years.  The GM crops also consume a lot of water while not increasing productivity.

So what  -  the water ionizer, the bottled water sale will still be high?  (the danger will come though from xenostrogens from PET bottles)

Unexpected Health Risks from a Drink Almost Everyone Thinks is Safe

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Your Tuesday Articles More Articles
Dr Nass on Vaccination Unexpected Health Risks from a Drink Almost Everyone Thinks is Safe
This life essential is now linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and more. Laced with over 100 unregulated chemicals, this health threat is often both underreported and ignored. Read on to find out more about your two best alternatives...

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Meryl Nass on Vaccine Adaptations   Dr Nass on Vaccination
Vaccinations may be having unforeseen consequences, contributing to the emergence of new antibiotic- and vaccine-resistant diseases.
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Chlorella Take Action NOW to Help Remove Toxins from Your Body*
Taking steps to rid your body of harmful toxins is crucial to keeping your body energized and rejuvenated.* That's why I recommend adding nutrient-rich Organic Broken Cell Wall Chlorella to your diet.* It helps detoxify and support your body's internal systems.*
D-Mannose The Award-Winning Supplement that's Far Better Than Cranberry Juice*
When you suffer from less-than-optimal urinary tract health, the last thing you want (or need) to do is overload your body with sugar-laden juices. Instead, try this supplement that creates a favorable environment for healthy flora throughout your urinary tract and digestive system for comfort and optimal urinary tract health.*
WATER FLUORIDATION DVD Is Your Water Loaded with Drugs?
Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation exposes the ongoing dangers of fluoridation in a concise and hard-hitting format. As they outline the science behind fluoridation and the effects it has had on entire generations, a select panel of experts show conclusively why there is no logical or rational reason to continue fluoridating our water supply. I encourage you to watch this DVD to benefit your health and the well-being of your loved ones and our global community.
DID YOU KNOW... Facebook Comment on this
that the chemicals found in the coatings of food wrappers, such as polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters (PAPs) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), can be transferred to your food? These chemicals are known as "gender-bending" chemicals and can affect your sex hormones.
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