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Thursday, July 31, 2014

2 American MDs of Samaritan Purse working vs Ebola in Africa infected

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Rizal Philippines  |  July 31, 2014

There are now two American doctors working with Samaritan Purse in Africa trying to contain the Ebola virus who are now infected with the deadly virus

They are Nancy Writebol who lives in Monrovia with her husband, has two children and hails from Charlotte North Carolina, and Kent Bradley 33.

This is a great risk and sacrifice on the part of this American doctors who are trying their best to contain the disease.  There is fear that the disease could spread in Nigeria one of the most populous countries in (20 million)  Africa.  A Nigerian man arrived at Lagos airport and soon died probably of Ebola   He declared that he did not come in contact with anyone sick or who had died of Ebola.

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Rizal  Philippines July 31, 2014

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Ebola "Outbreak real"

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Rizal Philippines  July 31 2014

Repost from Yahoo News  July 25, 2014

Before the movie on "Outbreak" of Ebola, in USA looked so unreal only movie stuff.  However, it is so real now in Africa, More than 660 have died from the disease, and thousands have been infected.

It first started in Guinea in January 2014.

The countries that are affected are Guinea where you have the highest death of 314,  Liberia 217,       Sierra Leone  219 deaths,

Ebola is like dengue, a form of haemmorhagic fever.  It is 90% fatal when contracted.

It is now the concern for CDC in Atlanta.  Unless communities in Africa can contain the infected patients just to stay there, then the outbreak is imminent.  Experts say that since there is no available cure, and 90% die from the disease, the best way really is to contain the spread and prevent the outbreak.

Ebola is a category 3 disease:   deadly and no known cure.  Even anti viral preparation cant prevent or counter attack the virus.

The only known help would be to have fluids.  Mortality  rate for those who have fluids infusion is 60% vs those who have none is 90%.

So avoid travelling to Africa or being in contact with those who just came from the above mentioned countries.