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Friday, October 17, 2014

Is the world (WHO, US EU) over reacting to Ebola?

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Dr. Kent Brantley's blood as vaccine vs Ebola

Rizal Philippines   |  October 17, 2014

On one hand there is a reason to be scared;  9000 have been infected and death has surpassed 4,000.  1,000 cases are reported weekly and WHO predicts this to be high as 10,000 weekly, and cases could reach as high as 1.4 million by January 2015.

Remember, the first case was reported in Guinea last December 2013.  There were only 2 deaths out of 59 in Guinea last March.

Senegal and Nigeria now Ebola free?

At the same time Nigeria and Senegal would have passed the 42 days timeline to be declared Ebola free.

Health is wealth - sell off at NYSE on Ebola fears

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Rizal Philippines   |   October 17, 2014

From Reuters

Why is DJIA down 400 points

There was a marked sell off at New York Stock Exchange on fears of Ebola outbreak...Those who suffered were airline and hotel stocks

Two nurses contacted Ebola after caring for Thomas Duncan, a Liberian national who was confined in Texas hospital.  One of the nurses, travelled to Ohio, was in close contact with several other persons plus airline passengers (100+)

It was bad enough that Duncan was misdiagnosed, and the nurse who cared for Duncan allowed to travel in a commercial airline from Texas to Ohio.  It should not happen to USA. Thus the head of CDC, Tom Frieden was put on the spot.  For this lapse.

Even Pres Obama had to cancel his campaign trip to attend to this crisis.

How could lapses here affect the trading at NYSE?

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange October 2, 2014. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to avoid catching Ebola? --> by sanitation, hygiene, no kiss, handshake and sex

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Rizal Philippine   | October 16, 2014

From Guardian October 14, 2014

Ebola is highly infectious, deadly without no known cure but its spread can be prevented.   Universal rules of hygiene are just be observed to avoid its spread.

Ebola is spread via contact and body fluids:  stool, blood, urine (but not sweat) and its contact with mouth, open wound or other mucosa can cause infection. Washing of hands, use of masks and gloves are necessary if we want to be near Ebola patients..