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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why observing fasting during the Lenten season is good for your health

Live healthy and long

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Rizal Philippines
April 1, 2017

I usually avoid making a post on April 1, because the readers may misconstrue this as a joke (April Fools joke)

However, I came across a Q and A at the channel of a preacher who was asked about fasting and the Lenten season.

There is a medicinal and health value for fasting. The preacher said he lost weight through fasting.  He was bloated because of the steroid he took for asthma.  He fasted eating only fruit and vegetable juice.

There is health value in fasting. It enables your liver and pancreas to rest, and your body to eliminate toxin.  And helps you lose weight.

Several posts have been made by this blog about fasting.

Intermittent fasting is beneficial to your health

\Why fasting is good for your health

Monday, January 16, 2017

Early signs that you may have cancer

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Rizal Philippines
January 16, 2017

Some of them:

1.  Shortness of breath
2.  Chest pains,
3.  Difficulty of swallowing
4.  Unexplained fatigue
5.  Abdominal pain.
6.  Rectal bleeding
7.  Sudden weight loss
8.  inverted nipple
9.  heavy bleeding and pain during periods
10.  redness and petechiae on the face

Changes in nails can be sign of cancer (yellow -  liver)

How to prepare stave off heart attacks using pepper preparation

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines
January 16, 2017

I mentioned the beneficial effect of sili (pepper) on rashes from a bike crash  There was no inflammation and swelling.
It can also be useful when there is a heart attack using a tincture