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Sunday, July 31, 2016

What works and does not work in Telemedicine

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines
July 31, 2016

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A noted surgeon medical informatics expert spoke in a forum yesterday of medical doctors and other health practitioners.  He is considered Father of Telehealth in the Philippines and was SVP of Philhealth during the time of Presidency  Dr Banzon.  He authored because of his expertise in telemedicine an eclaim system for Philhealth to encourage the mds and hospital to computerize their records and tie in with PHIE. (Philippine Health Information Exchange)

What works in telemedicine: at the regional level only:  specialists and doctors to the barrio system, but will not work with MM specialists and doctors to the barrios. It is not likely to work because MDs would not like to be at  high volume work low returns where they feel they are only call center agents.  Anonymous.  They would like to build up their practice, name and income  (That is the truth)

What would work according to the good doctor (who says he became bald because of too much hair pulling figuring out solutions to the health problems) are SELF DIRECTED HEALTH SERVICES (preventive)  Once the disease is there, it all ready at the hands of the doctor, no longer the province of telehealth and medicine.

SELF DIRECTED HEALTH SERVICES  are not curative but preventive.  Which is the mission of this site. Disease prevention through sensible diet, exercise, toxic free and healthy living, organic foods.

The platform of the health medicine (e medicine ) are lab/diagnostics, medicine. patient and hospital records

This site is aligned with the self directed health services.  This site works, It aims to help prevent diseases via good food, diet and exercise.  That is why hundreds of thousands have visit this site. Several hundreds visit this site daily even when there are no posts

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Habits worth stealing from famous rich people

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines
June 21, 2016

From Medical Daily - Famous people write down their goals
These are the habits worth emulating from successful smart people:

1. They wrote down their goals

2. They are disciplined

3.  Critical thinkers

4.  Are disciplined

Are you?   Are you successful now?