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Let the food be your medicine and medicine your food - Hippocrates

Exercise and nutrition are medicine

Live healthy and long

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mananambal (healer or medicine men) of Siquijor featured at Channel 5

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines   |  September 20, 2014

Mananambal in facebook

Wiki post on mananambal

Yesterday I watched the TV show which featured Siquijor  There are many weird and interesting things about Siquijor like their food and practices.  There are those who are well known, as babaylan sorcerers or witches and they are feared.  Then there are those who practice black magic  There was this guy who was good in dancing paper, but who is now a "mananambal" a medicine man  (the magic he practices are simple like stick becoming a match, or joining cut nylon.

But the mananambal said he could make the dead rise, but would not talk, and that the dead who rose from the dead would also die.

There was this Norwegian who was completely cured of his painful condition of psoriasis

Various segments of cheap cures

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines  |  September 20, 2014

I realized during all those years, and half million pageviews later that I am posting, reposting on a very broad topics under the title:  cheapcures.

The topics discussed cover

Pre disease stage:

1.  Prevention of diseases:

     1.  healthy lifestyle

     2.  diet and nutrition

     3.  keeping lean - exercise and fitness

2.  Herbal medicine

3.  Alternative medicine

4. Toxicity and health

5.   Emotional and spiritual health

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cheap cures advocacy and call to action needed

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines   |  September 15, 2014

Cheap cures that are skin deep

So far this site has only done this much for cheap cures:

1.  Gathering articles about alternative herbal and plant cures;

2.  Advice on how to live healthy and strong;

3.  Advice on food, nutrition and exercise.

These are when diseases that are mortal and morbid or has not stricken patient.  But it does no explore the hard core of medicine and health issues:   as when the patient is critically ill or in sticken with big C all ready. Or heart disease Intervention and cures cost money.

So it is now time to take stock of the situation and act.

What is happening?