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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Designer babies (Genetically Modified Babies)

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines
March 15, 2016

There was a recent feature in the TV again about designer babies:  you can choose babies color of the eyes, beauty, height, athletic ability and sex.    The science behind this are cloning, genetics,

There are pros and cons about this new trend. Mostly moral and financial

How the process works eg to have cancer free baby:

Innovation in health care that reduce costs

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines
March 15, 2016

There was interview at CCTV today about innovations that lower health care costs. For instance there is a company in Mexico that was able to successfully lower diabetic care cost from $10,000 to only $2,000!!

                           From health affairs

Most of the innovations we know result in higher cost of health care cost:   new equipment, new drugs new processes.  Which deplete health insurance funds, and make the treatment inaccessible.

The classes of innovation:

1.   new products
2.  new processes
3.  substitutions

Coupled with these are the concerns on regulation, tax policy, and the health insurance practices
and reduction of waste, fraud, admin complexity, excessive prices

How much can be saved?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Some great valuable medicinal food from the Philippines

Live healthy and long

Rizal Philippines
March 12, 2015

Open Coconut
A man who needs to lose weight

I was discussing with some friends from the province and discussed some great products from coconut:

1.  Virgin coconut oil - good for many ailments, good for keeping skin protected from UV rays and when drank (1 tsp a day) by the elderly helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer.  It is so easy to produce and and can help many coconut farmers.

10 Health Benefits of VCO from Authority Nutrition

Some of the noted benefits:

1.  Lowers cholesterol levels
2.  Those who have coconut as part of their diet are some of the healthiest people in the world;
3.  Can reduce seizure in epileptic children
4  Effective sunscreen
5  Helps you burn more fat
6.  Stave off hunger
7.  Helps reduce abdominal fat,, the most dangerous of all surface fats
8.  Has anti bac and fungal properties