Healing food at public market

Let the food be your medicine and medicine your food - Hippocrates

Exercise and nutrition are medicine

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Friday, November 21, 2014

#TAMA of 1997 for #Cheapcures

Live healthy and long

TAMA of 1997.  The death of former Senator and Sec of Health Juan Flavier brought out the fact that he was the author of TAMA  (Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act) which espoused herb and traditional herbalist healers and alternative medicine.  The more these
posts at #cheapcures should be given support and emphasis.  However, Western Medicine has gained considereable ground thnaks to their marketing blitz, huger margins and makerting budget

TAMA of 1997

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Diabetes - a growing health concern in the Philippines and in the world

Live healthy and long

A news item came in the PDI regarding diabetes as growing health concern in the Philippines and the world.  One in 25 Filipinos has diabetes and is now the 8th cause of death in the country. (From 3.4% to $.8%

Today I visited my daughter who requested for hospitalizat-on because she felt bad.  Her blood sugar is high  (due to work at night and constant sitting at the office, lack of exercise, and smoking -  caused by poor lifestyle)

About 400 million are affected by diabetes worldwide and the number is expected to reach 600 million by 2035

Some facts about diabetes

1.  Diabetes is predicted to be the 7th cause of death worldwide by 2030

2.  There are two types of diabetes:

     Type 1 -  lack of production of insulin by the body

     Type 2 - results from the body's ineffective use of insulin,

3.  There is 3rd type of diabetes - gestational diabetes experienced by pregnant women resulting in hyperglycemia  (the symptoms, or the diabetes disappear after pregnancy?)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Deaths from Ebola exceeds 5,000

Live healthy and long

From Newsweek

The number of deaths from Ebola has passed the 5,000 mark.  There are 14,098 reported cases with 5,160 reported deaths rising from just 4,960 last Friday.  (It was just 2 last March.  Who did not consider Ebola a major crisis only in July.  By that time, the Ebola has spread far and wide and deaths began to multiply)

WHO was criticized for being slow.   Nations have not lived to their pledges to help control Ebola.  US pledged $500 million, and so with IMF.

The greater problem will be economic and social.  Losses from unworked hours, cost of death and dislocation, taking care of orphans is a much bigger problem.

NIgeria though took a hard stance vs the epidemic by closing its borders to travel to and from infected countries.  In USA, the issue of quarantine involved human rights and civil liberties issues.  So far, two have died from Ebola in USA.

What can we do to control / to prevent Ebola from infecting our countries communities?