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Secret Bible Healing Code - page 859 of Bible KJ version, and Matthew Chapter 4

Is there cancer cure on the 859th page of the Ancient Bible?

This what the post mentions:


"My name is Brian Chambers, and for the last several months, I’ve been leading a very unique research project—a search for secret information hidden in the Bible.
And not long ago, we found something we never could have imagined...
We call it a “healing code,” and it’s hidden on page 859 of the King James Bible.
After fact-checking the information with the help of a world-renowned naturopathic medical doctor, we’ve arrived at an astonishing conclusion..."

The Matthew Chapter 4 protocol  (Do you believe in this?  It give you the chills:  the God almighty is the healing Lord/God:

So the “Matthew 4 protocol” is as simple as feeding your cells only that type of fuel. The result?

Cancer cells starve to death
in a few short weeks

Pain vanishes... tumors dry up and disappear... and cancer has no choice but to leave your body, never to return.
That’s how Fred cured his “untreatable” cancer in a few weeks, without swallowing a single pill.
So the obvious question is...

Why isn’t this being shouted from the rooftops?!

After all, we’re talking about a drug free cancer treatment that wipes out “untreatable” cancers in weeks. There are no gut-wrenching side effects, and even mainstream researchers have admitted that it could soon replace chemo as the “standard of care”...
Not to mention the mind-bending fact that the principles of the protocol are hidden in Matthew Chapter 4...
So why in the world haven’t you heard about this life saving therapy?
If you understand how the cancer industry works, the answer is not exactly a surprise. But that doesn’t make it any less sickening.
It’s the same old story that keeps hundreds of promising natural treatments from breaking through to the mainstream...

Because it doesn’t involve drugs of any kind (not even supplements), when you use the Matthew 4 protocol... no one makes any money!

If word gets out that this protocol could in fact be a CURE, Big Pharma’s 125 billion dollar a year cash cow is in SERIOUS jeopardy. That’s the cold truth of the corporate medical system.
And that’s why I’m not holding my breath for the triumphant announcement that the cure has finally been found. Billion-dollar drug companies will NEVER accept such a grave threat to their bottom line.
But that’s what makes today’s message so important to you and your family.
Because the doctor I told you about earlier—the one who’s been helping us verify the Bible’s healing secrets—has made this life saving information available to you.
In a groundbreaking special report entitled THE BIBLE’S HEALING CODE REVEALED, he’s laid out a step-by-step plan that shows you how to harness the power of the Matthew 4 cancer protocol.
With your permission, he would like to send you this lifesaving information at no cost whatsoever. (That’s right... this information is completely FREE, as his gift to you. Details in just a moment.)
The Matthew 4 cancer protocol is remarkably simple, it’s a breeze to follow, and you could see and feel the lifesaving results in just a few weeks.
And remember, it’s been safely used along with chemo (in fact, the studies clearly show that it boosts the effectiveness of chemo while drastically reducing the side effects!)

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  • Crown of thorn extract
  •  Olive oil which is mentioned in the Bible 180 times

Know more about the Bible's Healing Code

Matthew Chapter 4

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  1. I know what that secret code is in Matthew chapter 4.

    It is FASTING. Prayer and fasting can even drive out the devil from a possessed person but it should always be accompanied by faith.

    1. Jesus never leaves the subject of "unbelief" in this passage. He tells the disciples immediately why they were unable to cast out the unclean spirit, because of their "unbelief". The ponit Jesus is making here is that "this kind of unbelief only comes out by prayer and fasting" In certain manuscripts extra words are added which are incorrect that make it look like He was addressing the unclean spirit.

    2. In this particular passage Jesus never comes off of the subject of unbelief. "this kind of unbelief only comes out by prayer and fasting"
      Some manuscripts add extra incorrect words that make it look like He is addressing the unclean spirit.

  2. Cancer cells thrive on sugar and starving them from sugar and carbohydrates (bread) does the trick. right/

  3. A diet of no sugar, no wheat, no corn, no soy, no potatoes, no fruit, no fruit juice, no carbs whatsoever will starve cancer cells.
    Many go on a veggie diet, only veggies with almost no carbs.

    Has nothing to do with religion. Just a process that kills cancer better than chemo and much safer.

    If you have cancer, fast, no eating, asap.

    If you want to prevent cancer, go on all veggie diets from time to time to kill off any possible cancer growing in your body.

  4. I am a Born-again, Bible-believing Christian, and I only have one thing to say: God's word is not a code to be unlocked. If it was nobody would be able to know how to become one of his children.

    1. Scripture says "it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, it is the glory of kings to search them out".
      We are all Kings and Priests.

  5. God gave us seed bearing plants to use as "meat" (Genesis 1:29). Cannabis, or Marijuana, fits this scenario! This wonderful "herb" has been proven to kill many cancer cells and it's all natural! Man made or God made, which would you trust?

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