Saturday, February 9, 2013

Summary of Dr. Brownstein's Article - 5 signs that you get cancer.

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From Dr. David Brownstein video

Dr David Browstein is a board certified medical doctor practicing in Michigan, editor of Newsmax Natural way to  health.  He is foremost practitioner of holistic medicine.

These are the things he say about cancer:

l.  About 5,000 are diagnosed in USA to be sick with cancer;  or 2,000,000 and half of them will die; l out of three will get cancer in his lifetime;  l out of 3 men will get prostate cancer;  1 out of 7 women will get breast cancer.

2.  Despite the allegations of those in the field of medicine, the stats for death rate has been unchanged for almost 80 years;  the only decline is stomach cancer for men, for women death rates for colon, uterine, and stomach cancer have declined.  But for all others, they have increased.

3.  The accepted treatment are still the big three:  radiation, chemotherapy and surgery;  Costs for cancer treatment average $10 to $20T a month.   And expenses for the top 6 cancer exceed $50 billion a year.  Dr. Brownstein thinks that big pharma has not spent much to improve the cancer treatment.

4.  He believes that the cancer treatment is controlled by pharma who controls the physicians. He calls this the "Cancer Industrial Medical Complex"

Signs that you will get cancer: 

l.  You are imbalanced in your hormones and key nutrients;

2. You are obese;

3.  You take alcohol, and sugary foods;

4.  You smoke or chew tobacco;

5. You ingest toxins in your food, water, and air you breathe.

How to prevent cancer (cancer is preventable!)

l.  Do not smoke;

2.  Maintain adequate iodine level  (those with breast cancer have low iodine level)  Bromide cause decrease in iodine level,  chlorine in a sugar substitute is a relative of bromide which causes the decline of iodine in your body (would you know what is this sugar substitute)

Avoid GMO and synthetic chemicals in your food.  Read more on how you can avoid cancer


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