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Fw: 3 Shocking Truths About Alzheimer's Disease


Dr. Patrick Flanagan, who then was a child prodigy who worked with Pentagon on a device to determine any missile launch anywhere in the world worked with Dr Henry Coanda on the secrets of longevity.  Those that they found out were:  the water (the so called Hunza water) the glacial water, or glaciall milk.  And the high levels of hydrogen found in diet (fruits and vegetables..

The other feed is on Alzheimer. It is one of the top klllers in the US. l out 8 adult over 60 will most likely have Alzheimer.  But there is a vegetable that can arrest Alzheimer.

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3 Shocking Truths About
Alzheimer's Disease

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*Featured Article: 3 Shocking Truths About Alzheimer's Disease: How to Make Sure You Never Become a Victim
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EXPOSED: Mainstream Medicine's Deadliest Conspiracy

Did You Know...

... that a scientist has been able to recreate Hunza water (also called "glacial milk"), which is a major factor contributing to the longevity of the Hunza people?

     The Fountain of Youth is not mere myth.  The secret to longevity runs plentiful, high in the Karkorum Mountains, just north of Pakistan.  The Hunza Valley is a land shrouded in intrigue--it is said that the book, Shangri La, is based on this mountainous, remote valley.  What makes this land of particular interest is not its striking panorama, but the longevity of its inhabitants.  The Hunza people have the longest average life span of any other population on earth, living disease-free, vital lives well past 120 years.

     There have been many theories posited as to why the Hunza live such long lives.  Is it the vigorous daily exercise that comes from navigating mountainous terrain, or the diet of raw fruits and vegetables consumed?  While these factors undoubtedly contribute, over 60 years of research has shown that the key factor to the Hunza's healthy life span is the water they drink, water that is dramatically different from the water we ingest every day.

     Let's start at the peak of the tale, when, at the age of 78, Nobel Prize winner and father of fluid dynamics, Dr. Henri Coanda handed over 60 years of research to 17-year-old science prodigy, Patrick Flanagan.  Eleven-year-old Flanagan captured the attention of the Pentagon when he invented a device capable of identifying a missile launch from any location in the world.  He was recruited by the government to work with the most influential scientists during the cold war, after being featured in Life magazine as 1 of the 10 most promising scientists in America; it was in these "think tanks" that Patrick met his mentor, Dr. Coanda.

     Dr. Coanda explained to Patrick that the secret to longevity lies in the water: "You are what you drink.  Water is the most important thing you put in your body, but not all water is equal.  Everywhere on earth, water has different physical characteristics, no matter where you travel..."

     Expanding on Dr. Coanda's research, Dr. Flanagan studied 5 isolated locations where people live healthy lives well past 120 years.  The only common denominator among these communities is the composition of the water they drink, all of which comes from melted glaciers (hence the name, "glacial milk").  This water, which has also been dubbed Hunza water, has a lower surface tension and is more similar in composition to the water surrounding our cells than our drinking water is.

     Dr. Flanagan set out to develop water identical in structure to Hunza water so that the entire world could benefit from its life-sustaining properties.

     Flanagan started by isolating the trace mineral, silica, a necessary nutrient responsible for strengthening our bones and arteries.  He created a product called Crystal Energy, which could be easily added to pure distilled water so that you could benefit from the same silical minerals found in Hunza water.

     Flanagan then went further in his research, refuting the commonly accepted belief that the difference was merely the trace minerals the water contained.  His research explained that the superior properties of glacial water are actually attributed to the structure of its clustered water molecules.  In other words, it isn't so much the silica minerals that enhance the water, but the negatively charged hydrogen molecules these minerals hold.

     Hydrogen is the essential antioxidant, yet most people are deficient in this nutrient.  Only those eating an organic raw food diet and living in a pristine environment untouched by pollution are possibly maintaining adequate hydrogen levels in the body.

     Flanagan developed Silica-based Microclusters® that mimic Hunza water and significantly increase the body's absorption of nutrients.  These microclusters are like tiny microscopic carriers that, by dramatically reducing the size of the nutrients, are able to deliver minerals directly to our cells.  They protect the nutrients with an electrically charged mineral coating until safely absorbed by our cells.  Fluids are able to move more readily between cells, flushing out toxins and hydrating our cells with water.

     Dr. Flanagan's work has set the stage for further investigation of this very real Fountain of Youth.  It is quite possible that the entire world can improve quality of life and add many more years with glacial waters' remarkable, life-extending properties.
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Featured Article:
3 Shocking Truths about Alzheimer's Disease:
How to Make Sure You Never Become a Victim

Revealed: Dozens of Proven Memory-Boosting Secrets...
That Can Put an End to "Senior Moments"
and Even Crush the Threat of Alzheimer's

If you don't yet know someone with Alzheimer's, chances are you soon will.  The number of people with Alzheimer's is skyrocketing, especially in the U.S., where this tragic disease now ravages an unprecedented number of families.  Those who get Alzheimer's deteriorate before their loved ones' eyes as they lose the ability to recognize family or friends ... or even themselves.  But you don't have to be a victim.

     There are dozens of little-known secrets that can help you enjoy a "steel trap" memory and laser-like focus at any age.  Scientists from Yale and Harvard and other renowned research institutions have identified natural and proven ways to enhance your brain function and reduce your risk of dementia, including ...

     Those are just 2 examples from an exclusive collection of mind-enhancing research.  There are dozens more simple, but potent remedies and techniques for dramatically improving your memory, focus, concentration, and brainpower.  More on that in a moment.  But first--here's an alarming fact:

Alzheimer's Claims a New Victim Every 69 Seconds

Statistics show that unless you take action to protect your brain health...the odds are high that you or a loved one could be ravaged by this horrible disease.

     Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.  It's now the 5th leading cause for people over age 65--right behind heart disease, cancer, and our other biggest killers.  But Alzheimer's is the ONLY one of the top 10 causes of death in America that conventional medicine doesn't have a way to prevent, cure or even slow down!

     And here are the 3 shocking truths you need to know about Alzheimer's:

  1. 1 in 8 Americans age 65 or older have Alzheimer's.
  2. Nearly HALF of Americans age 85 or older have Alzheimer's.
  3. More than 200,000 people under age 65 have early-onset Alzheimer's ... it's not just an "old people's" disease.

     Right now, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with Alzheimer's every 69 seconds.  And by 2050, someone will be given that same shocking news every 33 seconds!


     Because we're living longer.  Into our 80s and 90s, thanks to advances in medicine and technology.  Unfortunately, that same technology has no way to keep our brains working longer.  That's why the statistics of dementia and Alzheimer's are climbing so fast.

     Good news is you can beat those stats...and keep your brain working smarter--not harder--as you enjoy a longer, healthier life with...

Scientifically Proven Remedies for Preventing Alzheimer's

What most people--and even many doctors--don't know is that most of the reasons people get Alzheimer's are 100% preventable.

     Below you'll find a FREE presentation that tells you everything you need to know about how to prevent it and even how to super-charge your brain against its advances.

     See, you can protect yourself and your loved ones and dramatically improve your memory and brainpower.  You can even put an end to those frustrating and embarrassing "senior moments" with simple, natural solutions that are approved by leading holistic doctors.

     Dr. Saunders is a practicing medical doctor in California who is board-certified in integrative medicine.  That means he doesn't just prescribe drugs and surgery--he actually helps people solve their biggest medical problems using safe, natural therapies.

     Dr. Saunders recommends a variety of remedies to his patients, with remarkable results.  Some of his favorite strategies include...

  • The vegetable that staves off memory loss--In a 25-year study of 13,000 women, Harvard Medical School researchers found those who ate the highest amounts of this vegetable had the lowest rates of memory loss as they aged.  It could even prevent Alzheimer's, dementia, or some other brain-destroying disease and keep you out of a nursing home.
  • The method that can cut 12 years off your "brain age"--Scientists have identified a healthy fat you need for the cell membranes in your brain.  It's not found in most foods, and your body makes less of it as you age.  But it's available as a supplement, and it can make a big difference fast.  In one study, people who took it noticed a dramatic improvement in memory and mental performance after just 3 weeks.  And in another study, people who took it cut 12 years off their "brain age"--meaning they performed as if they were 12 years younger!
  • A possible natural cure for Alzheimer's--This nutrient is so powerful, it can actually improve memory even in cases of severe mental decline.  Stanford University School of Medicine did a study of 334 adults--all of whom had Alzheimer's disease.  The researchers were stunned to discover that the people who took this supplement became less forgetful and showed fewer signs of mental decline than those taking a "sugar pill" placebo.  No other drug or conventional therapy can do this!
  • The "sweet" cure for Alzheimer's no doctor will tell you about--This naturally sweet food has a phytonutrient that's been proven in studies to reverse memory loss.  Just one ounce per day of this delicious treat is all you need to sharpen your memory and keep Alzheimer's at bay!
  • The amazing 6,000-year-old memory secret of the ancient Rishi--Nearly 6,000 years ago, a group of holy men in India called the Rishi were famous for their remarkable ability to remember lengthy, complex material.  The Rishi attributed their astounding memory powers to a wild herb that grew on the banks of the sacred River Ganges.  Thousands of years later, modern scientists began to study this plant.  Today, at least 14 scientific studies show this ancient herb really works!
  • Powerful herb boosts memory and learning with a 100% success rate--In one clinical trial in Australia, nearly everyone who took this herb for just 3 months improved their ability to learn and retain new information.  Another study divided people into two separate groups.  Both groups were taught how to perform a specific task.  The group that took the herb learned the task in only 6 days compared to 10 days for those who didn't.  That's 40% faster learning!

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones Starting Right Now

Click here to view this free video presentation with exact instructions on how to improve your memory, feel sharper and less stressed, and think more clearly.  This video shows you how to prevent and reverse Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia.

     You'll discover ... a simple, 10-second technique that instantly makes you feel more alert ... the 5 worst foods you should never eat if you want a healthy brain ... the "hidden" danger that threatens you every day, as identified by Yale scientists ... the 4 health and lifestyle factors that make your brain shrink faster as you age ... and simple techniques that allow your brain to develop new neural pathways, generate new neurons, build and maintain brain mass, and improve your memory and brain power fast.

     By the end of the video, you'll know exactly what you need to do to recall names, phone numbers, shopping lists, and other information just as easily as you did 10 or even 20 years agoClick here to get started right now.

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