Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fwd: A spice that FIGHTS fat cells (not cinnamon or cayenne this time)


It is black pepper. But is a spice though.

What are the other spices that let you burn/lose fats?





Turmeric (Yellow ginger)

Chili (cayenne)




Ginger and yellow ginger (turmeric) would not be so pungent and they are cheap  (only PHP 30/kg in Bugarin)

I have not used up the l/2 kg I bought several months back



                                           Cayenne pepper

                                   Turmeric (yellow ginger)

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Subject: A spice that FIGHTS fat cells (not cinnamon or cayenne this time)

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As you've probably noticed, I mention often about the powerful effects of herbs and spices and all of the wonderful things they can do for your health.  In fact, I hope you didn't miss this article about the top 10 "super-spices" that boost your metabolism and protect your body from damage.

But today, I want to show you another spice we forgot to mention in that article, and this spice even helps to fight against fat cells... and this time we're not referring to the much talked about cinnamon, ginger, or cayenne.

Read this NEW article below about a surprising spice that helps fight body fat... and it's delicious too!

This surprising spice helps fight fat cells

Enjoy the added taste and aid your fat loss at the same time!

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